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The Health Policy Statistics Section has specific interest in the following activities:

*Organizing and sponsoring invited, contributed, and luncheon table sessions at JSM to foster statistical methodological research relevant to health care and policy research.

*Organizing a biennial International Conference on Health Policy Statistics (ICPHS). This was formally called the International Conference on Health Policy Research (ICPHR)

*Sponsoring student paper contests with various research organizations and societies, encouraging students to develop interest in statistical methods for health services and policy research.

*Publishing proceeding volumes from the JSM and ICHPS meetings to facilitate communication among government, academia, and private sectors.

*Sponsoring continuing education courses and workshops to encourage and facilitate ASA members’ involvement in health care and policy research, both methodologically and substantively.

*Cooperating with government agencies, such as the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, to establish new ways to utilize and disseminate their data for the study of health policy issues.

*Offering assistance to legislators and their staffs regarding health statistics and their relationship to decision-making.

*Offering opportunities to get involved with a super friendly and open group of researchers who represent interdisciplinary fields that involve decision sciences, economics, ethics, management, and political analysis, as well as evaluative science and statistics.

*Developing and applying state-of-the-art statistical methods to design studies, analyze data, and interpret results to inform health policy change; tracking the nation's health; and measuring the effectiveness of interventions on a large scale. 

Mission & Charter: Bio
Mission & Charter: Bio
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